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Quality Fiction and Non-Fiction for readers around the globe.

Stories for the Little Ones 

RA Atherton 

Momma Meerkat

ISBN: ‎978-1950613809 $14.98

Momma Meerkat is very busy tending to her three children -- Ollie, Hollie and Mollie. Like all sisters and brothers, they are sometimes quiet, and sometimes noisy ... and sometimes good and sometimes they annoy each other. They always run to Momma Meerkat for help. Momma is very loving and helpful and shows them love no matter what they do. This book inspires children by helping them understand the unconditional love of a parent and perhaps how they might behave better.

Ostriches Can't Fly

ISBN:‎ 978-1950613793 $14.95

Who says ostriches can't fly? With imagination, anything is possible. Nostrich the ostrich has a dream, and he wants to make it come true. He wants to fly and will do anything to fulfill his goal. He wants to prove to his unbelieving friend that he can do it. The lovable ostrich proves a very important patient and keep trying to succeed.

Hip Hooray a Hippo Parade

ISBN:‎ 978-1950613786 $15.95

Author Rachel Atherton’s fantasy world is so much fun. The Hippo Parade is a world of joy in its rhythm, alliteration, and vision. It's such a great parade the children will love looking at the pictures and hearing the sounds as it is read to them or as they read. It would be hard not to follow this lovely parade.

A Very Merry Penguin 

ISBN:‎ 978-1950613878 $14.95

A very merry penguin celebrates Christmas every day, showing his constant joy and belief that the happiness of Christmas should be carried out all year.

Queen Emileen

Theresa Burns

When little sister Emileen Ellen is born, big brother remarks that he has wanted a brother instead. He observes her and thinks he has become a rival for their parents' affection. Thinking she is now the more privileged, her brother dubs her "Queen Emileen." The days go by and he watches what she does, and he decides she just might be fun as his mother reassures him he is loved just as much as ever. A charming story dealing beautifully with sibling rivalry of the very young. $15.50 hardcover

Loose Balloons 

Jill Clark      

ISBN: 978-1-950613-06-09 Hard Cover   $24.95

978-1-950613-11-3 Paperback       $14.95

2021 - Loose Balloons was a finalist in the RPLA Florida Writers Association contest. 

humorous, fanciful children’s book for ages four-to-twelve. The engaging poems encourage children to read, laugh and learn about their environment and themselves. These imaginative rhymes contain K-5 teaching resources and lesson plans guided by the Florida State Standards.  

Where do Balloons Land?

Jill Clark                                                                                                                                       ISBN: 978-1940224084 $25.95 Paperback        ISBN: 978-1950613991   $28.95 Hardcover

Jill Clark's second book in the award-winning Loose Balloons series engages reluctant, as well as avid readers. The book provides literacy-rich teaching opportunities guided by state standards. Jill's ability to make children laugh while learning is a bonus for each student and teacher. It nurtures children's love of reading, and its art-and-writing activities stimulate the imagination of children while encouraging a fresh look at the world...a whimsical world of wonder and adventure filled with thought-provoking ideas and teachable moments.

Donna Eastman

The "I Can Do It" Series......

See, I Can Do It

I Can Do It Series, Book 1 


Brenna is an almost-grown bluebird who falls from her nest while her mother is out shopping for breakfast. Bruised and frightened, and without a grown-up to help her, Brenna shares her fears with her friends in the forest. As each friend tries to teach her their skills for getting back into her nest, Brenna keeps failing. Just as she's about to give up, Brenna finally learns to use the skills that nature gave her to reach the safety of her home in the trees

The Silent Lion

I Can Do It Series, Book 2


Patrick is a huge young lion who lives in an animal sanctuary in Africa. As Patrick grows to adulthood, he finds that he cannot roar. He is reluctant to have an operation to have his roar fixed, but he is encouraged by his animal friends to have it, telling him stories of their operations. He finally consents and still cannot roar. Certain the operation is a failure, he resigns himself to being a silent lion. When an emergency threatens the entire pride, Patrick is able to roar, saving the pride and the compound.

The Reluctant Eagle

I Can Do It Series, Book 3


Michael is a beautiful juvenile American Bald Eagle. He is certain that he doesn’t want to leave his cliff-top nest and fly. Despite encouragement from his family and friends, he is too afraid of heights to try. It’s not until real danger comes to the eagles that Michael finally flies and learns that being an eagle is a pretty cool thing.

A delightful story, the second in the series of "I Can Do It" books which inspire confidence in children who might be afraid to face a challenge. It is also instructional, informing children about eagles, hawks, and owls in an easily understandable, interesting way. An endearing story children will love to listen to or read.   

Terwilliger's Tale


Terwilliger is a shelter kitten whose tail is short and stubby, unlike his siblings, who have long silky tails. After his siblings are adopted, Twilly is left alone. When a shelter worker takes him home, she is so concerned with making his tail grow, she loses sight of the fact that Twilly is a sweet, loving cat. She finally comes to her senses and accepts him as he is.

Donna Eastman

Follow Up to the "I Can Do It" Series

A Job For Tabitha 

Tabitha is a happy dog who loves being with her best friend, Dorothy. However, most of Tabitha’s canine friends have important jobs, and the little dog believes that she should have one, too. Her friends love to talk about the jobs they have and ask her what she does. She carefully considers their suggestions as to what work she can do, but none of the jobs appeal to her. What will Tabitha do? Will she ever find a job? A Job for Tabitha could be a companion book for the I Can Do It series, as it inspires children to understand the emotions of others and compare them to their own. They can also better understand the world around them with the endearing books written by Donna Eastman and Gloria Koehler.


Pajama Pirates 

Patty Everett

ISBN: 978-1950613588     $12.95 

Little children enjoy stories about pirates and often take delight in dressing up and pretending to act out the role of classical pirates. PAJAMA PIRATES, an appealing fun story of two little boys, adds rhyme and a surprising "bounty" for the two little brother pirates whose mother finally allows them to find the surprising treasure she knew the little pirates craved.

Joan J Harris Books for children

Illustrated by Brandy Winston

Note:  These books are also suitable for middle grade

A Prince, a Princess and a Dragon


When a prince asks a princess who is very bored to to go on a ride to round up dragons, the princess readily agrees. On their journey they meet a very strange dragon who is very different from what they expected.

He acts like a dragon, but he has unusual talents and requests. The prince and the princess do conquer him, but in ways that surprise the reader.

A Princess, a Prince and a Dragon Go to Camp


The Royal Dragon Billy Bob had no idea what a summer camp was when the princess suggested he should go during summer vacation. He was excited and fearful at the same time. When he discovered that three close friends would be his tent mates, he was very happy, and even more so when he saw Prince Arthur Jim Ray was the camp leader. During the day he seemed happy as he dealt with new adventures, even the adventure where he has to overcome his greatest fear. 

The Royal Dragon


Billy Bob, The Royal Dragon, lives in a castle with his friend Princess Betty Lou Sue. Billy Bob is a very different dragon who wants to go to school to learn to read. The Princess and her friend Prince Arthur Jim Ray help Billy Bob get to school where he meets a bully. He deals with this problem in a most unusual way.

Christmas in the Kingdom of Cool

$11.95 softcover

Billy Bob, a Royal Dragon, recently came to live in the Kingdom of Kool with his friend, Princess Betty Lou Sue. They live in a beautiful castle in the center of the kingdom. Billy Bob is learning many things about his new home. Now he needs to learn about Christmas. He thinks Christmas is only about presents, lots and lots of presents. The princess teaches Billy Bob about the very first Christmas and about the real meaning of this beautiful holiday.

Joan J Harris Books for children

Illustrated by Brandy Winston

Note: These books are also suitable for middle grade

Malcom, The Musical Moose

ISBN: 978-1950613625 $15.95

Malcolm is a carefree Moose who astounds his friends with his singing and dancing. They think this is strange and tell him, "Malcolm, you are just weird." t This makes Malcolm sad, thinking that no one appreciated music the way he did. He often does not go with his friends because they think he is strange. He just loves music and likes to go near humans when they listen to music. He is sensitive and intelligent, but no one notices until he has an adventure that makes everyone notice him doing something even stranger...and then his life changes.

The Royal Dragon and the New Kid

ISBN: 978-1943789702       


Billy Bob the fire-snorting Royal Dragon and his friends return in this new adventure about acceptance and overcoming language barriers. Billy Bob is home sick with a scary dragon cold. When he returns to school he learns a new student, Maria, has entered his classroom. Maria speaks very little English. Billy Bob, who is not your typical student, sees she is having trouble making friends and wants to help Maria. 

When Pigs Fly 

ISBN: 978-1950613953         $15.95 

Her newest children’s book is a fantasy. A delightful story sure to entertain children who will love the little pig who wanted to fly. This is her seventh children’s book and the second of her new “animal” series. the first series is the Prince, Princess and the Dragon series, much beloved by children.  

Gwendolyn, A Sometimes Grumpy Gorilla

Coming Soon


Terri Curtis Hoffman

Sly Fly and the Gray Mare


Sly is a horsefly who makes a deal with a horse named Gray Mare to keep other flies off Gray Mare if he can live on the mare all by himself with no other pesky flies around. This is a rhyming picture book for children.

Sly Fly and the Gray Mare at the Rodeo

ISBN: 978-1940224152 $25.90

Sly convinces Gray Mare to participate in a rodeo, even though Gray Mare is dead set against it. Gray discovers that losing is sometimes winning.

Linda Mason

Illustrated by Emily Krebaum

C.A.B.I.T. The Amazing Rabbit


The magical world of wonder is vividly explored in this story of two young children who wish to see the Easter Bunny deliver their baskets on Easter morning. With the help of a magnificent and unique rabbit, named C.A.B.I.T, they learn the importance of keeping wonder alive. Just like a beautiful helium filled balloon, if one does not hold on tightly to the string, it will float away. Keep Wonder Alive!

Whodilly Wiggilly

$12.95 softcover

$19.95 hardcover

The value of friendship shines through as the true winner in this magical tale of two unlikely friends, Whodilly (an owl) and (Wiggilly a caterpillar). With the rules of the game carefully prepared for their race to the finish line, nothing prepares Whodilly for the sudden disappearance and trans- formation of his best friend, Wiggilly. Linda Mason is an accomplished educator, story- teller and musician, weaves a tender tale about the importance of being a true friend through life's challenges and changes. The story, song and activities are all exciting and educational. Children will have hours of fun with this beautiful book. Visit Linda's website to hear and sing along with the "Whodilly Wiggilly Song" at:

There is No I In We


From ant mounds to baseball mounds, Everett searches for answers as to why he can’t play baseball with his team. It takes his most embarrassing moment for him to clearly see that the true obstacle getting in his way is Everett, himself. With the help of a colony of ants, a caring coach, loving parents and a special friend, Everett learns there is no I in We.

My Best Friend Cody

 Coming Soon!!!

Dr Nancy Mims

Translated Books

Dr. Nancy Griffin Mims holds an Ed.D from Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, FL. She is Professor Emerita from the University of West GA and currently is full-time faculty at Jones International University- Centennial, CO. Nancy taught and served as a consultant in Russia, India, and France. She holds Honorary Faculty status in St.Petersberg, Russia, and Bombay Teachers Training College in Mumbai, India, Special opportunities, giving her the ability to study cultures of various countries and to learn the languages: French, Russian, and some Hindi, came as a Fulbright Scholar to Russia 1996 and a Rotary scholar to India 1999-2000. She has traveled extensively in 29 countries for both business and pleasure. Most recently she served as the Director of Academics in Nashik, India, and as the founder principal of Universal School Tardeo, which was the first all Apple school in India. Dr. Mims loves to travel, garden, study children's literature. folklore and myths, especially from Ireland, as well as to keep updated on the latest electronic gadgets. Nancy is married to Kenneth Mims. They live in a suburb of Atlanta with their three Chihuahuas who insist on running their lives and schedules.

The Christmas Geese


Three delightful geese take up housekeeping in a pine tree in the middle of the forest. They are very neat little geese, and at Christmas time they dust and clean to be ready for the holiday. One little goose finishes first, and when she is tired of waiting, she starts eating crackers. What happens next begins an adventure with a surprise ending involving a whole neighborhood of little birds. It's a perfect Christmas. 




The Easter Geese


The Easter Geese are getting ready For Easter, eager to display the beautiful eggs they will color.  Oops!  There is a slight glitch in their preparations.  the charming geese come through again, however and save the day.  Follow their antics and see the friendship and fun in their lives. 

The Autumn Geese


The little geese take an extended stroll through their forest where they find new friends, who tell them about Halloween and Thanksgiving traditions. New faces, strange foods, and the beauty of autumn all add up to a fun adventure for our three favorite geese!

The Summer Geese

 $ 16.95

The three playful geese, Gladys, Gloria and Gretchen, decide to leave the forest and explore other regions. Their adventurous spirit takes them on a trip to south Florida. After a long and tiring flight, they discover a strange neighborhood. Their curiosity and eccentric antics cause a protective Chihuahua to befriend them. From Carlos, the three geese learn the history of a very important summer celebration, which they share with their friends back home.

Deborah Lee Prescott 

Mitzvah-Prescott Books Mitzvah -

For Facebook, You-tube and Instagram, click on Mitzvahtheblinddog

Daisy, Darn It

ISBN:978-1950613632 $16.95

 Disaster reigns from morning till night. Daisy the cat begins each day by knocking over a glass of water as loudly as possible; each night, Daisy restores peace by rubbing her little pink nose on her human mom’s face. In between the clattering of spilt water and the gentle cat-kiss is a trail of calamities, although, in Daisy’s mind, she is only trying to help her family.Whether the cat is scratching the furniture or chasing the dog or refusing food, each transgression results in the cry, “Daisy, darn it!”

A Dog Named Mitzvah

ISBN: 978-1943789290


Mitzvah was an unwanted dog. Her first owners threw her away. Life was pretty hard until a very nice lady adopted her. Then Mitzvah had a new challenge: she went blind. But she proved she is a very special dog who triumphs over her problems. Now she loves her life and wants to share her joy with you. Enjoy!

Miztvah Gets Scared 

ISBN: 978-1943789719     $11.28

Loud noises frighten Mitzvah. Because she's blind, she can't tell what is making that sound, so she gets scared. But she knows that she can turn to her human mom and that, together, they can make it through life's scary times. Everything is going to be all right. In fact, even better than all right. Although this book is about a blind dog, it teaches that with love and care, the frightened can become more courageous.

Mazeltov, Mitzvah 

ISBN: 978-1950613427     $14.95

Mitzvah the blind dog has written her third book (with a little help from Deborah Lee Prescott) and she’s sweeter and smarter than ever! With Mitzvah, love is always the answer, and family is the place you find it. Even if your family is a little different.Don Butler, Artistic Director, StoryMakers A Theater for Young Audiences Company Mazel Tov, Mitzvah! is a celebration of what can make a family: people and animals who love each other. Mitzvah is a special dog, and this is a special book. Lisa Marzano, Ph.D, Director of the Center for Writing Excellence

 Dr Jim Shoopman

The Zachary Hamm Series 

The real Zachary Hamm is now a Doctoral student in philosophy and plans to become a college professor some day. Since I am a college professor myself, I am especially proud of Zachary and I am very pleased to thank him and his family for the many ways they were so helpful to me.  I  used to tell stories to the real Zachary when he was little. 

Zachary Hamm In The Land 

of Eggs


A juvenile fantasy with a message. It is only one of the rhyming bedtime stories the author created for the real life Zach, a young friend who is now getting his own doctorate. Besides being extremely entertaining, the story also has a message -- that we should not hate people who are different from us. Anyone who enjoys Dr. Seuss books will enjoy this book destined to become a classic.

 Cowboy Zack And The Monkey From The Mugglestown Zoo 

Cowboy Zachary Hamm comes to the rescue when a monkey from the Muggletown Zoo escapes. He is a strange little monkey who likes to pinch noses and stomp on hats. Nobody can stop him until Zachary Hamm follows him. The monkey tries his tricks on Zack, but Zack is smarter. This is the second book in the Zachary Hamm series written by Dr. Shoopman. His first was Zachary Hamm In The Land of Eggs. 

  Cowboy Zack Meets Jack And Jill Spratt

Who could ever help poor old Jack Spratt?

For he is so lean and his wife is so fat

Everyone thinks it's a hopeless task

'Till Zack comes to the rescue at last.

Another exciting adventure of The Zachary Hamm Series by Dr Jim Shoopman.

Chris Gantry

 Some books are translated ...coming soon

Shana Smith co author 

The Underwater Orchestra

ISBN: 978-1940224190       $16.98

Imagine being under the waves, in the beautiful world of fish and sea creatures. What if they had a band? Who would lead them? What instruments would they play? The Underwater Orchestra is a delightful story about animals and fish living under the sea who come together to form a band. Both real and imagined, these characters lead the reader in a lyrical journey. Dive into this book and get swept away with whales, mermaids, and many other colorful creatures of the sea.

 Up Down The Front Back Door


What if one day you woke up and the world was a different place from the one you knew? ​WOWZZA!! Wouldn't that be exciting!! A Sidewalk was really a little girl who walked sideways all the time. And a butterfly was a stick of butter that flew around the house!! Come visit this different world. Maybe you've already been there before. Have you?

 Sheldon and the Big Hurricane


Sheldon, a delightful grasshopper saves the day after a storm by gathering together all his friends. He introduces them to the reader with a little song (to hear the song, link to and then, very dramatically, he beings to tell us about the big hurricane they have all experienced. This is a "fun" story which also teaches about insects and what they do. It also has four songs from the small musical soon to be produced from the book.

Captain Jonah and His Search for God


Is God real? If He is real, then why can't we see Him...or...can we see Him? Maybe we're looking in the wrong place! Maybe He's closer than we ever imagined -- closer than our own breath. Let's go with Captain Jonah and search for God. How far do you think we will have to look?

Woofus and the Reindeer

Dorothy Bradley

A lonely but friendly little dog enters a stable and finds a big surprise--Santa Claus and his reindeer. They become friends and the reindeer give him a name--Woofus. Woofus ends up doing a good deed for Santa Claus, his elves and reindeer. The book has strong themes of friendship and caring and includes a separate section for questions which require short answers and those that lead to in-depth discussions. $15.98

Dr. Mary Custureri

The Happy Anderson series

Meet Happy Anderson (Set 1 Book 1) 

Bobby Anderson's parents know he needs a pet, but whatever breeds they look at, Bobby doesn't find the dog he wants. Through a strange adventure, they finally find the dog they want. And what a surprise! This is the first book of the HAPPY ANDERSON series for primary grades. Happy Anderson, the dog, has many adventures with interesting characters throughout the series.

Happy Anderson And Cookie Cat (Happy Anderson Series Introductory Set I Book 2)

Happy Anderson to the rescue. This time he saves an unwanted, frightened little farm cat and gives her a new name. This book is part of the introductory series of three Happy Anderson adventures for primary grades: MEET HAPPY ANDERSON; HAPPY ANDERSON AND CONNIE CLAM; HAPPY ANDERSON AND COOKIE CAT. The series is written by Dr. Mary K. Custureri, a reading specialist, dedicated to helping accelerate reading development from kindergarten through college. Happy Anderson to the rescue. 

(Happy Anderson Series Introductory Set I Book 3) Happy Anderson and Connie Clam 


Connie Clam is unhappy because she wants to see the world. Swimming to shore and feeling rather lost, she encounters Happy Anderson, a big helpful dog who had been adopted by Bobbie Anderson. He introduces her to the wonders and recreation of a sea resort. She even learns to surf on seaweed and finally surfs home, only to tell her family she will now be a traveler back to the other world from time to time. This book is part of the second series of Happy Anderson adventure books for primary grades, written by Dr. Mary K. Custureri, a reading specialist dedicated to reading development for primary grades through college. She is also the author of Instructional Strategies: Helping All Students Succeed ( a teacher manual, NCEA, 2003); and of How to Learn in Ten Easy Steps, (Highpoint Publishing, 2008).

Happy Anderson and Dimmie Dolphin


Dimmy Dolphin. a lonely dolphin rejected by his family because he is awkward and not as skillful in swimming as his two brothers and his sister, wanders away and finds Happy, the friendly dog adopted by Bobby Anderson. Happy and his family befriend Dimmy Dolphin, who then saves the lives of people who were on a sinking boat. Dimmy becomes a hero and is finally happy with his friends and his family who now appreciate him. HAPPY ANDERSON AND DIMMIE DOLPHIN is the first book of the OCEAN series of HAPPY ANDERSON books written by Dr. Mary K. Custureri (Dr. Mary K.C.), a reading specialist dedicated to accelerate reading development from kindergarten through college. 

Happy Anderson and Mandy Manatee

coming soon


Happy Anderson and  Baby Bear


Happy Anderson and Hurry Harry Horse 

Coming in 2021


A Dragon's Life

Caroline Theriault

 A baby dragon comes into the world and finds he has a sister and a brother, a Mama,  and a missing Dada. As he grows, he learns things about his family and is taught how to be a dragon...and then he is all grown up...and...well, read on. Have fun.

$14.99 Click image to order. 

Gini Graham Scott

Some wonderful children books

The Tree That Wanted to Run Away


A little tree feels lonely and abused among the bigger trees, and he longs for a different life. How can he run away? That is his dream each day as his little leaves shake from fear and despair. But something happens and its dream comes true. This heartwarming book tickles the imagination of children.

The Mole Who Got Spectacles


A baby Mole who lives on a hole finds something to do when she finds new colored glasses. They change her world. She sees a new world unfold from the darkness below to colors that flow. Her world is now bright.

Sandy the Seagull and the Bird Patrol


Sandy, the playful herring gull, is always curious, and his curiosity sometimes leads him into trouble but sometimes helps him learn valuable lessons. In this book, his curiosity leads him to a bird in trouble. He understands that he cannot help the bird by himself. Remembering what he felt like when he was in trouble and that some friends had helped him, he gets their attention, and together they help the bird. He begins to think that he can keep helping others in trouble and wonders how he can help them in the future. The result is his idea of an interesting bird patrol. This book is not only interesting to young children, but it also stimulates their thinking of ways to help others and the idea of becoming a leader for positive actions.

Sandy the Seagull, the Surfers, and the Kites


Sandy, a playful herring gull, lives at the ocean. He enjoys playing with his friends and watching people swim and play at the ocean. Because of his curiosity, he flies very close to the kites and gets into trouble. He learns that people are good and that he should no longer get too close to objects that are strange to him. Children relate to this story while they also learn about seagulls, their habits and habitats, and what caring for others really means.

Robert H Stone, also Robert Ryley Stone 

Touchdown for Ryley

ISBN:  978-1943789511          $14.95

In each book, Ryley, Ian, and/or another family member or friend will find themselves in an adventure revolving around a particular sport. These family-oriented stories feature different sports as part of the adventure, but are not necessarily the primary focus. Part of the series' theme will be that sports are secondary to school and homework. Maintaining a healthy outlook towards sports and exercise, good sportsmanship, friendship and doing the right thing is the moral represented in each book. 

Ryley Book 2


The Ryley Series is a collection of elementary reading books about sports, teamwork, gender roles, and aspirations written especially for children. These easy-to-read picture books will follow the modern-day lives of Mr. and Mrs. Edwards, their ten-year-old son Ian and, of course, their precocious eight-year-old daughter Ryley.

Riley's Book 3 - Eddie's Turn 

Available N OW

ISBN: 978-1950613939                   $16.95

Eddie Gonzales is in a wheelchair, but he would like to play baseball. Though he plays with friends who are on the local baseball team, he can only watch when they are in a game. When Eddie's sister tells Ryley that Eddie would love to be part of the team, Ryley dreams of Eddie being able to play in the game. She keeps after her brother to give Eddie a chance until he finally gives in. Eddie runs into some obstacles, but he gets his turn at being catcher. What happens is very interesting and inspiring as he meets the challenges from facing a bully to trying to catch the ball. This is a very inspiring book.