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Open up Your World to Wonderful Reads for Middle Grade Books

Books found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million and wherever fine books are sold. 

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Fiction and Non-fiction  AND THEN... 

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Jill Clark

2021 - Loose Balloons was a finalist in the RPLA Florida Writers Association contest.  

Children's poetry book is primary ages 4-12. Jill can also present K-8 Lesson Plans in public and private schools and educational institutions around Florida using poetry from the book. Speaker Calendar, Activities and Workshops can be found at  

ISBN: 978-1950613069            $14.05

2021 will bring a new book - "Where Do Balloons Land?" which is for children ages 6-14

ISBN: 978-1940224084 $25.95 Paperback                            ISBN: 978-1950613991 $28.95 Hardcover        Jill Clark's second book in the award-winning Loose Balloons series engages reluctant, as well as avid readers. The book provides literacy-rich teaching opportunities guided by state standards. Jill's ability to make children laugh while learning is a bonus for each student and teacher. It nurtures children's love of reading, and its art-and-writing activities stimulate the imagination of children while encouraging a fresh look at the world...a whimsical world of wonder and adventure filled with thought-provoking ideas and teachable moments.   

Journey To Justice by Tanni Haas

ISBN: 978-1940224701         $12.95

The exciting adventure, Journey To Justice, Book I, The Adventures of Spider and Ruby, is a futuristic, suspense-filled novel that takes place in a post-global warming future in which the Earth has flooded. The surviving population lives on houseboats on the water or in large greenhouses deep in the water. They are all servants to a small group of people (The Chosen) who run the planet from an artificial island and who force them to supply food and services. The Chosen live a life of leisure. Spider, a HouseBoater, and Ruby, his friend, who is an AquaGrower, are on a quest to free Spider’s 12-year-old twin brother, Luke, who has been arrested and imprisoned on the island for trying to organize an uprising against The Chosen. Along the way, Spider and Ruby face many dangerous obstacles, including being held hostage by marauders, escaping from prison, and participating in high-speed chases.

Fiction and Non-fiction  AND THEN... 

if you need school help, look under Educational Resources

You might also enjoy contacting us with questions about learning, writing, and our stories.  Or go to an author contact (under authors) and contact them on their website.  A whole world is out there to enjoy!


James B. Tierney

Magical characters and magical tales in a magical land called Ack. Dragons, Wombats, and Zaboom monkeys fight Brudie the Bold and a young man who is lost. The quest continues with delightful fairies and strong heroes who seek to overthrow evil and help the people in the magical land. Although these books were written for middle grade, they are popular with many different age groups, including adults. The author is available for presentations and speaking engagements. 

Book 1: During a blizzard, a young boy and his grandfather Seamus are lost in the woods  and enter an odd-looking cave with ancient carvings on the walls. They are separated, and the boy disappears. Magic adventures begin for Seamus as he is transported into a magical land wrought with danger, good and evil fairies and mythological beings with noble or bad intents.  A page-turner. 

Book 2: Zierns is on his quest to free “The Land of Ack” from the evil wizard Mot. But at only 17, is he prepared to save it? With the help of Kung Fu Master Wing, Willow the Blue Guardian, and brave fighters like Brudie, Brendan and Nivek, The Coming of Zierns is full of action, adventure, and magic that also has a whole lot of heart.

Book 3: The adventures continue with old and new friends joining in another quest in the Land of Ack. The legend of Zierns continues with The Chise Wars. This is the third book in the series of The Legend of Zierns. The stories are filled with excitement and sometimes sadness, but they end with hope and a surprise .  

 Book 4: COMING FEBRUARY 2022!!

$13.95 per book

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PAIRS series

Elizabeth Weiss Vollstadt

Contact her website for more books and information 

      Pairs On Ice


Click on image to order. 

Jamie’s coach was thinking that Jamie, twelve, had a better chance of achieving her Olympic dream as a pairs skater than as a single. So Jamie agrees to skate with Matt, even if she has to grit her teeth every time they practice. If Matt weren’t enough to deal with, Jamie’s divorced father tells her he is getting married again. A new stepmother and six-year-old brother are just what she doesn’t need. Will her life ever be smooth skating again?    

Pairs At Nationals 


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"You're in the big leagues here, where it's every skater for herself. Don't think you're gonna get any help from me...And don't try to wheedle yourself onto Jessica's good side. She's my coach and I come first!"

Pairs skater Jamie Bartlett flinches at her new roommate's words. After winning the gold medal at Sectionals, Jamie and her partner Matt were psyched to get gold at the National Championships. When their coach had an accident,  everything changed. Now they are training far from home with a new coach, and Jamie finds herself the victim of insults and pranks from Emily and her friends. Even worse, their new coach is clearly not interested in their success.

Can Jamie take the pressure--or will she give up her dream of gold?

The Littlest Harpist 

Melody Long Anglin

A real life story that reads like a fairy tale. A young girl yearns to have a harp but is thwarted by circumstances that stop her from having her dream. But her prayer and yearning earn her the right to own one. Today her story is inspirational for children of all ages. Dreams can come true. Melody is now a beloved artist who has fulfilled her dreams and has become an inspiration and joy to many with her beautiful harp and her voice.

The book has been translated into French, German, Italian, and Spanish      

$15.95 hard copy. Click on image to order. 

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Questions and answers and educational project suggestions make this invaluable for academic learning as well. Request teacher guides. 

Flynn and The Dragonfly

Sandra B. Godfrey

Flynn doesn’t fit in at school, and his parents are worried. He struggles to belong, but he is just different. Discovering he can hear Dash, a dragonfly, is just the beginning of the adventure of a lifetime. Dash and Flynn become fast friends as they overcome some tough scrapes and create a bizarre science project. Will they become Top Predators, or will they fail?  ISBN: 978-1943789818           $14.95 Click on image to order. 

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Joy's Bluebird Adventure

Tom and Jane Anderson

A little Yorkshire Terrier is very curious about her world. She is also lonely and wants to make friends—even with birds. When she sees a ferocious cat eyeing the birds and stalking them, she decides to save the pretty little family of birds nesting in her yard.

Her owners have no idea she had a hobby of looking out the window and were amazed to see Joy coming to the rescue of little birds they had not known were there. $11.94  Click on image to order.

Vacation Time Explorations

Claire Hull

Former teacher Claire Hull uses trips to entertain and to instruct her readers.  Isn't That Silly is about a trip to the grandparents' farm where the grandchildren have an adventure with bats and learn about their habits in a very interesting story. Joel fantasizes that he can speak to the bats.  Frozen in Time has a bit of history about caves along with another adventure in a 1900-year-old lava tube. Great learning and companion books. $15.95  Click on the image to order.

Sly Fly Series

Terri Hoffman Curtis

Terri Hoffman Curtis has written two delightful humorous books about an enterprising fly that decided to make his home upon an old gray mare.  He convinces the horse to allow him to live there. In return, he makes the mare's life more interesting and adventurous. He is truly a "sly" fly. $15.95 Click on the image to order.

Abby's Attraction

Barbara Cairns

Abby McDowell wants to get a summer job so she can earn money to win a writing contest and surprise her demanding Mama. But will Abby's friend Eddie get her into trouble with his outrageous dares? Will Abby convince Mr Cournoyer that she won't climb over the alligator wall? Will Abby win the contest trip and her mother's approval? What kind of a job could a ten-year-old girl get anyway? Readers will not only learn what happens to a fiesty tomboy but also about the history of one of florida's favorite state parks.  $14.95 Click on image to order.

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Silfa, A Fairy Tale  

Susan Nadler

Silfa, a young fairy, finds herself trapped in a different time zone and in a locale she does not remember. Somehow, she has lost her family and has traveled very far from home. She also finds herself in a dysfunctional family where the only person who can see and hear her is a young boy. After she helps him cope with his family problems, she is rewarded with the hope of seeing her family again.A delightful story for middle grades. $14.95 Click on image to order. 


Zoe (Zona) Whitaker

Jeremy’s dad is in the navy and is often away from home. Jeremy worries about him and misses him. His mother tells him all things are possible with God. He believes this, and when his uncle buys him a little fish, he cares for it and feels less lonely. When the fish gets out of his bowl one day, Jeremy feels he has lost it. He wants to believe all things are possible. The unbelievable happens. The little fish has a number of adventures. The ending is heartwarming.  $15.95 Click on image to order. 

Rise and Shine Rosy

Mary Kay Pyles

Eleven year old rosie has been left in charge of her older brother and younger siblings.  Her mother has become addicted to drugs, and has become threatening, returning home only after long absences. Rosie struggles through harmful situations that arise in the neighborhood in which they now live.  Her mother does not protect them.  Instead, she attracts wrong people and threatens Rosie with bodily harm if she says anything.  Rosie finds courage to meet every tragedy and finally finds a way to survive.  A should read for every teenageer.  (Popular book) $11.95  Click on image to order.

Linda Mason

There Is No I In We

From ant mounds to baseball mounds, Everett searches for answers as to why he can’t play baseball with his team. It takes his most embarrassing moment for him to clearly see that the true obstacle getting in his way is Everett, himself. With the help of a colony of ants, a caring coach, loving parents and a special friend, Everett learns there is no I in We.

ISBN: 978-1-950613-15-1                   $10.00 

A Shero's Dream Catcher

A Shero's Dream Catcher is about a young student who declares enthusiastically that she wants to be a SHERO. She races full speed ahead to become a racer like her father as she dares to dream about finally racing and designing solar cars. She is surrounded by what seems a "perfect" family, yet as the story unfolds each family member reveals some of their own fears and vulnerabilities as they take their twists and turns with Lily while she follows her dream. Throughout all this, Lily remains courageous and ever hopeful while she tries to understand and help those around her accept her role and gain confidence in their own roles. Both girls and boys will enjoy the story.

Hometown News feature story click here.  

ISBN: 978-1950613526                    $14.98

Flower Power

Judy Lindquist

ISBN:1950613356  $16.95 

Rose, Lilly and Violet appear to have nothing in common except that each is named for flowers. Rose is new to the school, Violet is quiet and shy, and Lily likes to take charge. Each girl has challenges she has to conquer, but they learn that together they are better. They form a beautiful friendship which helps each to be stronger and more decisive. “Lindquist utilized her experiences as a teacher to craft a realistic and moving narrative that middle grade children are sure to love.” 

Robert H Stone

Primary and Middle Grade Books

Touchdown for Ryley

ISBN: 978-1943789511        $14.95

In each book Ryley, Ian, and/or another family member or friend will find themselves in an adventure revolving around a particular sport. These family-oriented stories feature different sports as part of the adventure, but not necessarily the primary focus. Part of the series' theme will be that sports are secondary to school and homework. Maintaining a healthy outlook towards sports and exercise, good sportsmanship, friendship and doing the right thing is the moral represented in each book.

Ryley Book 2 - Coming by end of August 2021

ISBN:           $


Ryley Book 3 - Coming Soon


The Ryley Series is a collection of elementary reading books about sports, teamwork, gender roles and aspirations written especially for children. These easy-to-read picture books will follow the modern-day lives of Mr. and Mrs. Edwards, their ten year old son Ian and, of course, their precocious eight year old daughter Ryley.


From the two youngest published poets in the U.S. we present books of surrealistic poetry that tease the reader. The books will please adults as much as children, as their viewpoints sometimes delve deep into understanding of human foibles. Their imagination runs riot and sometimes rivals that of advanced poets. Both children present themselves with panache and have entertained audiences with their fun-loving personalities.

Ava Roulier was the first granddaughter of Dan Pels, Florida surrealistic poet known for his inspiration to other poets with his wonderful poetry soirees and presentations to write a surrealistic poetry book.  Her subsequent presentations here and in the north have revealed a great wit and maturity with a sweetness that immediately gains respect and awe.  Her book is fun and inspires other young people to write poetry.  $15.00 Click on image to order.

Logan Roulier, not to be outdone by big sis, revealed a deep wit reminiscent of grandfather's.  One never knows what's next.  Both poets enjoy writing and telling about their experiences in poetry.  Young children can see that they can let go and let their imagination soar as they think about their world and react to what they see. $15.00 Click on image to order.