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DL Havlin 

Cape Coral Nautical Market and Coastal Expo Nov 20, 21, 2021. DL Havlin will be there to discuss his latest book Christmas Cookies Mysteries at the German American Social Club in Cape Coral FL

Local author, Linda Mason, celebrates ‘sheroes’ in a book for tweens "A Shero's Dream Catcher"

The dream of being a race car driver is not unusual for little boys growing up in the shadow of the Daytona 500.

But it is unusual for little girls. New Smyrna Beach author Linda Mason is hoping to change that in her new book “A Shero’s Dream Catcher.”

Nov 2021

KimPost newsletter Oct 2020 1st Edition 

Daytona Writers Guild has created a new Newsletter called KimPost.  It will list authors, awards, events and news from authors that are Taylor and Seale Books authors as well as other local and international authors that are members of The Daytona Writers Guild. The newsletter is sent via email to members and those interested parties that have provided their email at local events such as BAMFest, Meet The Author Events, Craft Markets and book presentations.  It will also be posted on the Daytona Writers Guild webpage at If you have something you want to have posted in the newsletter, send your details to [email protected]


November  2020

2020 has proven to be quite a challenge to us all.  Wildfires destroying Australia, a worldwide pandemic, isolation, hurricanes, wind storms in the Midwest US, devastating fires in multiple west coast states, a contentious Presidential election, the death of many public figures including a beloved Supreme Court Justice, knife attacks n France, the Summer Olympics were pushed to 2021, many other sporting events were postponed or canceled, the UK Withdrew from the European Union, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex moved to the US, along with so many other weird, odd, and devastating consequences.  It is the reason we all need to look to the Arts to soothe our souls. To allow for escapism, to travel to another world, to learn a new talent, reveal humanity or to imagine something far different.      


 Interesting Coming Events for Out and About .....


Bob Stone, whom you have seen as our professional photographer at essential events, is working on his series of children’s books centered around Ryley, a young girl who takes ballet lessons and loves sports and her friends. Her various activities as she and they succeed in a number of various sports events are geared for middle grade students. We look forward to his new book now being prepared by a new artist. This one is about soccer, where Ryley helps a young piano player prove she can succeed at playing the piano and playing soccer.

Dr. Deborah Lee Prescott has written another book. After her successful run with Mitzvah, which she also presented as a play in West Palm Beach at the Kravitz Center, she is hard at work presenting something else about a “darn cat.” That, too, will be in a play at the Kravitz Center in a few months. Meanwhile, she is on a jaunt to the ARCTIC. A world traveler, she brings such joy to others in relating her experiences, in teaching and in her enthusiasm for writing stories children love . Her latest book is Mazeltov, Mitzvah. This, too, will be translated into different languages, as are her others. It’s all so exciting.  


Frank Ferrante has a book in the works - a coffee table book of his extraordinary oil paintings. The book is in the early, design phase and will take several months to complete. Once published he will have a book signing at The Hub in NSB.

The plein air images will follow the progression of Frank's art from the snowy scenes and pine tree marsh paintings of his New Jersey days, to the seascapes and palm tree marsh paintings inspired by his move to Florida.


DR. Kyra Gudron von Brokoph has just received a university grant for her new poetry book soon to be published by Taylor and Seale. Kyra and three other poets will also soon be performing in the new Women’s Poetry series created by Jesse Sam Owens, J.D. and a wonderful poet. What a treat is in store for us. this will be a first with 5 great poets—all from our area. We are all thrilled that they are among us and that we have something delightful in store.


1. You as an author should have their your own website to promote you and your book(s). Look at Melody Dean Dimick, Donna Nicholson, or Dr William Collins. Type in the person's name, author press ENTER and see what appears. Examine how they have their books listed, how they write about themselves and their local events.

If you look at DL Havlin's website he is always holding appearances and creating sales  He is a consummate writer and very successful , Not only because his books are great but also because he is serious about his craft and has brande himself as a historian and great story-teller.   

 You can set up a free webpage on

What to expect from this page.... 


In the past we have not had time to fill this age with all the wonderful things you have all been doing , PLEASE, PLEASE,  send us the pictures (JPEG format) and details from now one.  We will be posting them and you can not only see  yourselves listed and becoming more known, but you will also inspire other writers.  When I was first approached by publishers I  did not know much about publicity or how to reach the public and become known. I learned much now after seeing our wonderful writers at work. Serious writers want their words to be appreciated by all—they want what they have to say spread to the public.

We now have a person on board who will help us out very much. This is the first OUT AND ABOUT and READ ALL ABOUT IT.  

More will be forthcoming. Keep looking at this page to be inspired.